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Use the Simplest of Keyword Research Tools

Push the Easy Button

Does the guilt of not doing a full blown, keyword analysis ever get to you? Do you look over your shoulder, half expecting the specter of Google's Matt Cutts to be snickering at you and your sloth-like laziness?

Well to heck with him.

Sometimes, you just need to make a quick decision about which term, of two - or maybe a few - fit best the limited text space that you have available. Maybe you're fleshing out a directory site description or trying to fit just the right words into a social media profile.

Try Google Fight.  A simple, either-or, Google keyword research tool. And it's fun too.


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Social Media Images Sizing Cheat Sheet Infographic

Size Does Matter

This fantasticly useful infographic shows the exact sizes you should be using for all of your social media images - such as Facebook banners, Youtube video players, Twitter profile pictures, etc. It's in the October Issue of Metro Marketer Magazine too.

Thanks to Dan Wilkerson at Lunametrics.com for the permission to share.

The Ultimate Complete Final Social Media Sizing Cheat Sheet LunaMetrics
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