Review: Google+ Pro Tips: Strategies for Posting and Sharing on Google+

g+bookGoogle+ may be social media’s least understood platform. There are techniques and Google + tips and strategies, that make the world of circles and plus 1s seems less confusing. Personal profile pages, business pages, business places...yeah, confusing describes it, as a start.

But learning the basics of G+ is a must for the business owner, especially the local biz proprietor.  And the first, most important, basic skill to develop is that of posting to your Google Plus profile.

More than 25000 people have Stephan Hovnanian in their Google + circles. Stephan is a prolific poster and  G+ guru and he has published a guide to posting on G+.

Google+ Pro Tips: Strategies for Posting and Sharing on Google+ is a comprehensive digital book on the subject.

There are chapters explaining how to format your posts effectively, balancing posts between your business page and your profile, posting intent and subject matter Google+ page authority and posting and sharing etiquette. Included is a very helpful posting and sharing quick-start list.

I am still relatively new to Google+ myself, and I found the book really helpful. Hovnanian writes well and clearly and mostly avoids Google+ jargon that could have made the material tough to learn. Highly recommended. Click the image to view and buy on Amazon.

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