Smell, Look and Taste: This is Content Marketing at Zingermans Creamery

Artisan cheese slection at Zingermans CreameryMemorable content isn't just something you read, that someone else wrote last night. It may have cured, in a cave for months. Content = product. Content marketing is about experiencing the product.

Have you ever been to Zingermans Creamery in Ann Arbor Mich? If you haven't, it won't be easy to find. It's located in the rear building at a public storage facility. When you have to work hard to find a business, and you still, really want to get there, it has to be about the content.

Zingermans is legendary for their deli, the fresh baked goods. Coffee. Notice that every one of these businesses smells. They smell in a good way, and Zingermans has smelling down to a science of attraction. Mouthwatering, diet-crushing, money-changing science.

Gotta go back soon. Zingermans Coffee was closed for remodeling when I was last there. My travel companion that day had been raving about the cafe mocha that I would experience, when, and if, we actually found the Zingermans enclave. He had only been to the place one time. But his experience had made him a rabid salesman for Zingerman's Coffee.

Create a legion of rabidly enthusiatic sales people. Content that smells - great.

Have you been to Zingerman's? What business can you sell as well as, or better than, the actual proprietor? Please, leave a comment.

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