Use the Simplest of Keyword Research Tools

Push the Easy Button

Does the guilt of not doing a full blown, keyword analysis ever get to you? Do you look over your shoulder, half expecting the specter of Google's Matt Cutts to be snickering at you and your sloth-like laziness?

Well to heck with him.

Sometimes, you just need to make a quick decision about which term, of two - or maybe a few - fit best the limited text space that you have available. Maybe you're fleshing out a directory site description or trying to fit just the right words into a social media profile.

Try Google Fight.  A simple, either-or, Google keyword research tool. And it's fun too.


This video was featured in the Mainstreet Smarts section of Metro Marketer Magazine Issue #1. Click here to download Metro Marketer Magazine on the App Store.





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